Course Examples:

'MBSR for Sixth-formers'
'Managing Exam Stress' 
'Being Mindful' - experiencing mindfulness' 'Taking Care of Ourselves' - Student well-being

As teachers one of our roles is to lead students into the discovery of their true potential; learning to make wise choices that support their lives and cultivating resources that will allow them to stand with greater balance in the world. 

'Mindful Choices' offers experiential sessions designed to foster skills like embodiment,  attention, mindful listening & speaking, inter-connectedness and kindness through short activities that encourage students to explore their lives and develop their ability to live more mindfully and supporting such qualities as 'being your own person'; of being fundamentally 'okay as you are', in addition to developing specific competencies and optimising learning. 

As we live in an age of media-saturated rapid social, technological & economic change; stress becomes an inevitable part of life. An awareness of our stress patterns & how we cope can be helpful in enabling students to fulfilling their potential. Through developing mindfulness skills students show an improved ability to manage stress and anxiety together with increased effective learning behaviour. 

Many children don't arrive at school in a condition to learn; teachers recognise that students need the tools of awareness, concentration and self-regulation for learning how to learn before they can teach. Developing mindfulness skills appears to enable students to improve self-awareness, self-regulation, build executive functioning and enhance emotional intelligence whilst encouraging a more open perspective of events resulting in wiser responses and enhanced well being as well as raising exam scores.  

By paying attention in this way, with a sense of kindness & curiosity, students learn ways to be with the difficult situations and intense feeling that can sometimes feel overwhelming and may end in behaviour that they regret or is not helpful. Learning to treat themselves (and others) with respect & kindness encourages a truly cooperative and supportive environment within the classroom & school.